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Who are Samurai Saws?2023-05-08T14:46:06+01:00

Kanzawa Seiko (Samurai Japan) company has a long history, over 100 years, of manufacturing tools. They are located in Japan in the region renowned for the quality of the hardware produced.

We are the sole UK importer and reseller of Samurai saws in the UK.

How much does postage cost?2023-05-11T11:43:40+01:00

There is a flat fee of £3.46 for postage irrespective of order size.

Free for orders over £100

How and when will my item be sent?2023-05-07T22:55:20+01:00

All purchases are sent by Royal Mail Tracked 48 (2 day service).

We now only dispatch on Tuesdays and Thursdays

What is the difference between the “C” series and the “GC” series saws?2023-05-08T14:43:38+01:00

The “C” series saws have set teeth, a thicker blade and a simpler scabbard design.

The “GC” series are taper ground with a thinner blank and a positive location in the scabbard.  It also has the benefit of the patented fast cutting tooth pattern used only by Samurai curved saws.

Both saws have impulse hardened teeth for longevity.

Both saws only cut on the pull stroke.

Both saws have the pistol grip handle.

In a nut shell: The C series is great for heavy handed users, ground workers, coppice workers, hedge layers etc looking for a heavy duty saw that is excellent value without compromising on longevity.

The GC series is ideal for climbing arborists or anyone that is looking for a a fast cutting saw with effortless cutting and a smooth finish.

Straight Vs. Curved?2023-05-08T15:16:55+01:00

Strokes for folks!  There really is no definitive answer.

The theory is that its straight for cutting below shoulder height and curved for cutting above shoulder height (which helps the saw stay on the branch).

In practice we all have our own preference as both straight and curved saws work well in both situations.

You definitely get some advantage from speed/effort of cutting with a curved saw, especially the GC series (due to its fast cutting tooth design).  This however should not be the driving decision maker as the difference isn’t a deal breaker.

With a straight saw you can achieve a more accurate finishing cut (think natural target pruning) and it is great for putting in a delicate gob cut and/or back cut when the situation is a bit too sketchy for your top handle chainsaw.

Straight saws are also available with smaller teeth (GSM and GSF series saws) for an even smoother finish when pruning smaller diameter branches.

Helpful advice? Probably not!  We all have our own preferred option based on experience.

My ideal scenario is, a GC270 or 300 for larger branches and a GSM240 for smaller diameter branches and fruit trees.

Do you ship outside the UK?2023-05-08T16:09:23+01:00

Unfortunately we only ship within the UK.

We are the authorised dealer for the UK market only.

Many other countries have there own network of dealerships and if there isn’t one in your country but you are both within EU they can more easily ship to other EU countries. (As is, unfortunately, no longer the case for the UK!)

What does LH stand for?2018-02-01T12:01:31+00:00

LH is part of the product coding. It does not refer to the handedness of the saw. These products are suitable for both left and right-handed users.

How do Samurai saws compare to other Japanese pruning saws?2018-02-01T13:09:30+00:00

Samurai saws are made by the same manufacturing process as other Japanese pruning saws.  They are made from high-quality steel and the teeth are impulse hardened to provide saw teeth that last three times longer than conventional saw teeth

Samurai have a patent on teeth setting that allows the teeth to remain in contact with the wood throughout the duration of the cutting action. This is found on the GC series and allows for an extremely quick cut.

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