MP Series – KIWAMI

MP Series – KIWAMI


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Straight bladed folding saw with 3mm teeth and two cutting positions. A very popular model suitable for a wide variety of general pruning tasks.  Great for gardeners, camping and bushcrafters.

The razor-sharp impulse hardened teeth produce a smooth cut surface whilst the taper ground blade provides a fast and efficient, effortless cut.

  • Available with a 210mm blade
  • 3mm impulse hardened teeth
  • Comes in its own hard plastic case.
  • Taper ground blade to reduce friction and increase cutting speed whilst reducing required effort
  • Razor sharp impulse hardened teeth creating a durable blade that lasts up to 3 times longer than conventionally manufactured saws
  • Positive locking action and saw folds away locked for when placed in pocket or case.
  • Replacement blades available extending the life of the saw, saving you money and reducing waste
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The comfortable handle makes this saw a pleasure to use.  Easy to grip creating a highly efficient cutting action.

The saw locks in two different positions.  Allowing it to be used when cutting on the ground whilst avoiding the cutting hand dragging across the ground.

The secure locking mechanism ensures that the saw will not fold up until you want it to.   When folded it remains locked closed for easy transportation in your rucksack or pocket.  The hard plastic case is great for storage and transporting.

These are great saws to have on any camping trip or for general pruning tasks in the garden.

An excellent quality cut leaving a smooth cut surface with 3mm capable of cutting larger diameter branches in addition to small diameter minimising damage to the cambium.

Like all quality Japanese pruning saws, the razor-sharp teeth are designed for cutting on the pull stroke.  They are manufactured using the finest quality SK-5 steel, laser cut and impulse hardened to create a high cutting speed with minimal effort.

The impulse hardened teeth last up to 3 times longer than conventionally manufactured saws.  This involves passing a high-frequency current through only the teeth which hardens the teeth only maintaining the flexibility of the remainder of the saw blade.

The taper ground blade reduces friction increasing cutting efficiency and providing a very smooth cut to help protect the cut surface from infection by pathogens.

Full spares back up including screws in addition to replacement blades.


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