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These saws accept ant 25mm diameter round pole in addition to making a great handsaw.

The razor-sharp impulse hardened set teeth produces a smooth cut surface providing a fast, efficient and effortless cut.

  • PC with 330mm blade
  • PCH 350 with 350mm hooked blade
  • 4mm impulse hardened teeth
  • Versatile saws that can be used as a hand saw as well as a pole saw
  • Razor sharp impulse hardened teeth creating a durable blade that lasts up to 3 times longer than conventionally manufactured saws
  • Replacement blades available extending the life of the saw, saving you money and reducing waste
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A truly versatile product.  Add an extendable, 25mm diameter, pole and you have a high-quality pole saw featuring a top quality Samurai saw head.  Take it off the pole and you have a highly efficient hand saw.

The PCH 350 features a hooked end which is very useful when extracting caught up branches from the crown.

Like all quality Japanese pruning saws, the razor-sharp teeth are designed for cutting on the pull stroke.  They are manufactured using the finest quality SK-5 steel, laser cut and impulse hardened to create a high cutting speed with minimal effort.

The impulse hardened teeth last up to 3 times longer than conventionally manufactured saws.  This involves passing a high-frequency current through only the teeth which hardens the teeth only maintaining the flexibility of the remainder of the saw blade.

Full spares back up including screws in addition to replacement blades.


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