Price isn’t everything…… Stella Artois – reassuringly expensive? (I prefer a good session bitter myself!) So we all have favoured products and buying habits. Some go for cheap and low quality some go for the expensive option to guarantee the quality. But what if you could have both outstanding value and quality?

We have now sold over 2000 Samurai saws and had zero returns (remember every saw comes with a money back guarantee). We have only ever received positive feedback – a testimonials page is coming soon…

But this is often not enough to persuade people to try something different when they are used to a particular product.

FAQs often relate to ….longevity?….. does it keep its edge?….. are they as good as other Japanese pruning saws?

To put your mind at rest… They are manufactured using best quality SK5 steel, impulse hardened teeth, the curved saws also hold a patent unique only to Samurai but I will save that for a future post. Impulse hardening of the teeth. This hardens the teeth whilst keeping the flexibility in the rest of the saw blade. This results in teeth that last 3 times longer than a conventionally manufactured saw.

Additionally, all the curved and straight saws have a pistol grip handle providing an exceptionally comfortable and secure grip.

There are some outstanding offers at the moment in our special offers section so why not give one a try. At this price, with a money back guarantee what have you got to lose?

Remember they are not cheap but an outstanding product at a realistic price.